Calculate the Number of Solar Panels for Your Energy Requirement in Australia

No matter how many calculations are made, this is a question that requires the advice of experts. We at Ozisun Solar endeavor to empower our customers with the base knowledge required to install solar panels in their homes, businesses or for commercial usage in Australia especially in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Gympie, Bundaberg, Noosa Heads, however, the estimation made of solar panels by you should not replace the advice of a sincere expert. (At Ozisun, you might receive a bit of better advice for more affordable solar panels or get a promotion offer).

The solar panel systems today range from 45 Watts to 315 Watts. To produce 6.67 kWh from your solar panels, you can either choose more of 45 Watts or less of 315 Watts systems. (You can learn how to make an approximate calculation for your wattage use through here) This depends on your preference and also on the area size where you are planning to install your solar systems. For a 6.67 kWh, the calculations will be the following:

(Approximate watts required multiplied by 1000/wattage of solar panel) = approximate number of solar panels

Therefore if you are considering to buy a 315 Watt solar panel for 6.67 kWh you need (6.67*1000/315) = 21.174 or 21 panels.