Solar for Commercial

Commercial Solar Systems in Brisbane

We offer right and bright solar energy solutions to minimize your commercial charges.

Our Commercial Solar System Includes


Solar Panels









Solar For Commercial Areas in Brisbane, Australia

Ozisun aims to provide effective and high-quality solar products for commercial usage. It’s a free, independent, and effective energy solution for that you don’t have to pay monthly bills. You can improve margins of your business and invest money in a lucrative project instead of wasting money in paying electricity bills.

Install Ozisun’s Solar System to Increase the Value of the Company

A solar equipped company not only saves your hard-earned money, but also gives you a respectable place in the market. The value of the company increases and you can offset tax liability from unique financial solutions. It also conveys a positive message to people, workforce, and society that you care about the environment and people living in the surroundings. Moreover, it depicts your high moral level and helps you to win more projects at higher level.

Commercial Solar Solutions for Every Business

Ozisun has set a successful work record in providing successful solar solutions commercial units including companies, schools, hospitals, and hotels. Our professional engineers, suppliers, and installation staff are experienced in their work and capable to work on every type of project range from roof-top solar system, heat-pumps, and solar panels. The other solutions include:

  • Sun grow invertor
  • Delta Invertor
  • Zever solar
  • ABB Inverter

Talk to Us About Your Need!

Let us find out your energy needs and evaluate how we can help to reduce energy usage. Just arrange a consultation with Ozisun consultants and leave the rest on us as we are expert in delivering and installing solar products require for commercial needs.