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Bundaberg is a coastline area of Queensland where sun pours immense heat every day. More sunshine means more potential to for Bundaberg home and offices to harness the natural energy of sun. It’s the best area to where you can utilize solar energy and convert it into useful energy. Ozisun helps you to enlighten your homes with natural and ecofriendly energy source. No matter what type of solar panel you need and what are your basic needs, we ensure to give premium services at affordable rates. You can contact us for the given-mentioned services which we have been offering for years.

Stand Alone Solar

It’s the best and cheap solar panel service available in Bundaberg and ideal for this remote area. Grid energy isn’t available 24-hours in Bundaberg and people face energy crisis due to the lack of electricity. Standalone solar service allows you to unplug the grid energy and use solar energy backup to ensure continuous supply.

Solar Upgrades

We provide solar upgrade service in Bundaberg at affordable rates. Though, there are some pitfalls in upgrading the solar system, but it also helps you to achieve maximum benefit from your solar system. Moreover, you can automatically be put on the current export price per Kw.

Grid Connect Solar

Connect your solar with main grip supply to get maximum energy at affordable rates. In this system, our solar experts integrate solar systems with grid energy. It saves your money as well as ensures consistent energy supply.

Hybrid Solar

Some people believe that there are only two types of systems, i.e. stand-alone off grid system and grid-connected system. There is another system called hybrid system that is the combination of both. You can earn Feed-In Tariff credits and save money on bills. In short, our Hybrid cheap solar panels Bundaberg service gives you peace of mind of a battery backup. It implies that you never get short of electricity even during a power blackout.

Energy Audits

It’s an important part of pre-site solar inspection process in which our solar experts visit your location and inspect different things such as roof angle, peak hours, electric devices, electricity devices, and lighting. They also evaluate how much money you can save through solar system and identify areas where you can reduce power bills further so you can get maximum benefit from it.

Reasons to Hire Us

Our cheap solar panels systems in Bundaberg are unbeatable in features and always try to give the best services to our customers. We are reliable and affordable solar company equipped with all necessary equipment and manpower. Our experienced electricians and solar experts never commit any technical mistake and make every measure to ensure outstanding solar panel services in Bundaberg. Contact us today and get a quote.