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About Us

At Ozisun Solar, we are dedicated to powering Australian homes and businesses with clean, reliable, and sustainable solar energy. As a leading solar panel sales and installation company based in Brisbane, Australia, we specialise in delivering high-quality solar solutions tailored to meet your energy needs. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to save on electricity bills or a business owner aiming to reduce operational costs, Ozisun Solar is your go-to partner for all your solar needs.

Best After-Sales Service!

Expertise You Can Trust

Our team of experienced professionals understands your unique solar requirements. With years of expertise in the industry, we provide expert advice and personalised solutions to ensure you get the most out of your solar investment.

Premium Solar Products:

We offer a carefully curated selection of premium solar panels and accessories from renowned manufacturers. Our products are known for their efficiency, durability, and reliability, ensuring you receive top-notch quality and performance.

Seamless Installation Services:

From initial consultation to installation and post-installation support, we handle every step of the process with precision and care. Our certified installers are skilled in delivering seamless installations, ensuring your solar system operates at its peak efficiency.

Exceptional Customer Service:

At Ozisun Solar, customer satisfaction is our priority. Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist you, addressing your inquiries promptly and efficiently. We are committed to ensuring your solar journey is smooth and hassle-free.

Our Vision

At Ozisun Solar, our vision is clear and unwavering: to lead the way in making clean and sustainable solar energy accessible to every Australian family like yours. We envision a future where every home and business can harness the power of the sun to reduce energy costs, decrease their environmental footprint, and enjoy energy independence. Our commitment extends beyond mere installation; we aim to inspire and empower individuals and communities to embrace solar energy as a driving force for a more prosperous, eco-conscious, and sustainable Australia. Together, we’re illuminating the path toward a brighter and greener tomorrow.

Our Mission

At Ozisun Solar, our mission is to revolutionise the energy landscape of Australia by providing top-quality solar solutions, unmatched expertise, and exceptional service. We are dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses to embrace renewable energy, significantly reducing their reliance on traditional power sources. Our mission encompasses ensuring customer satisfaction through seamless installations, personalised consultations, and ongoing support. We strive to educate and inspire communities, fostering a culture of sustainability. By promoting clean energy practices and environmental consciousness, we aim to create a greener, healthier future for our customers, our communities, and our planet. Through innovation, integrity, and a passion for sustainability, we are dedicated to making solar energy a practical and affordable choice for everyone, today and for generations to come.

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